Friday, 25 July 2008

Experiential Service

Prof. Chriss Voss and Leonieke Zomerdijk published this review on innovations in Experiential Service from London Business School. They introduced the concept of Experiential Service, where services focus on fulfilling customer's experiential needs rather than carrying out service transactions in the traditional definition. The interesting bit is the five areas they point out as having important impacts on customer experience: physical environment, service employees, service delivery process, fellow customers and back office support.

I am thinking of how to build this into Schmitt's Customer Experience Management Model... and also how it might work with the whole 'sensing, feeling, thinking, acting and relating' themes from Experiential Marketing... mmm...

Thursday, 24 July 2008

transfer presentation

Just realize that I haven't left anything for the transfer presentation, which is about a month ago... the title is Mind the Gap: theories and practices in service design. The presentation is mainly used to associat with a 9000-word writen document.

The presentation and the document mainly report the results of the literature review, research development (or let's say actually it is research agenda focusing down), the proposed methodology and timeline. Literature review consists six essays. Five are synthesis of different literature themes: service, experience economy, experience design, design and design management. The six is a brief review of current service design consultancies in UK.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

What's in my paper ?

This is a piece of software that really sum up what I wrote in an abstract for a conference in Korea:

A great way to get the key words out automatically... wonder if I write the paper first, will it product the abstract for me ?!

Add in another one, made from a other abstract for the Design Connexity Conference next April... a bit editing on the text and see very different result this time - although service design is still the theme...