Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Questions & Hypotheses Conference Snapshot

Kowning that I only have 5 hours before my flight to India... I still want to provid a really quick snapshot of the Q&H Conference I attended in Berlin. I am happy that all the 15 presentations really reflect the on-going rich design research with a large varity of methodological approaches. The research questions, although some unmatured at the early stage in the research process, are all very interesting and largely human-centred.

I was especailly impressed by Dag and Cucuzzella from the first day presentation. Prof. Findeli, as the keynote speaker, talked about the relationship among research questions, design questions, design answers and research answer in PhD study. I learnt a lot from his talk.

The second day we had our own Lisa - who did excellent and impressed everyone! I particularly found second day presentations interesting, since many of them are very similiar to what we do in Dundee...

God... the taxi is waiting outside... I shall be back in 3 weeks and will refelect more on this wonderful event in Berlin! By the way, the next Q&H might be hosted by Dundee :-)

Oops... that is me and my poster in the conference!

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