Monday, 2 February 2009

Brand Driven Innovation & Service Design

Thanks to Ralf. I find this very interesting blog of Erik Rocam, Brand Driven Innovation and Erik has a post about some first insights of Service Design, comparing to 'traditional design' and multidisciplinary design management (that's a new word to me!) He offers some very interesting observations/interpretations as a outsider, especially as a brand specialist:

"It is clear that what connects the touch points in this model is the evolving relationship between organisation and end user. This relationship, on a fundamental level, is the brand. The specific consumer journey represents the execution of the brand for that specific product/service/consumer. This puts the brand in a place where it connects the touch points, and forms the white space between the words, whether it concerns a product or a service experience."

I always find it facinating how different people can relate Service Design to what they have been doing for a long time. This diversity, which is brought into Service Design by people from different backgrounds, has already stimulated dicussions and cooperations for new types of design practices to be carried out at new level with large or small organisations in this constantly changing world we are all living.

It is exciting, isn't it?