Monday, 9 February 2009

Nordic Conference on Service Design

A new Service Design conference coming up in Oslo, called Service Desin 09, organised by Norwegian Design Council.
This conference has couple of themes around research, education and management perspectives along with the business showcase. The themes includes:

  • boundaries, foundation and constituent parts of the emerging discipline of service design

  • history and trajectories of service design

  • critical views

  • methods, tools and processes

  • case studies

  • relation to design thinking, design leadership and design management

  • education and research perspectives

Abstract deadline is 20th April... am thinking of putting in a paper on reflection/conclusion of the empirical data on Service Design Managmemt - should be interesting!

If anyone is going or submitting paper as well, please give me a shout! Especially the lovely guys from the PhD corner in Amsterdam, we shall meet up again!!!!

Look forward to meeting you :)