Tuesday, 20 January 2009

D2B2 keynote speakers

Just got the list of Keynote speakers of D2B2 - looking interesting...

Dr Bill Hollins - I guess that we are all familiar with his commnet on Service Design on the Design Council's website. Also he is behind the British Stadard on Service Design and Design Management.

Gordon P. Bruce - Design policy and strategy specialist. Gordon has been involved in many extrem complex and large scope projects with IBM, Mobil Oil and Samgsung... think there will be interesting insights from him in project management involving multiple stakeholders!

Yao Yingjia - the leader of the first industrial design team in Lenovo... ops, they took over the laptop manufacturing from IBM years ago, wonder how they are dealing with the future of PC now?

Kathryn Best - the author of the brilliant book 'Design Managment', I love the book and have to say it is impressively beautiful as a management book (which is not an easy thing)!

Dr Thomas Lockwood - the president of DMI, another design management guru. DMI just had a feature on Service Design last year in one of their seasonal review.

Professor James Woudhuysen – another big name in social innovation, to be honest, I don't know much about him... gotta do some research…

Kobayashi Takayuki – from Sony’s VAIO group, I wonder how Sony is position themselves in the market now? Haven’t heard much about them after they lost the mp3 player war to iPod… although the legend of Walkman still go round in the text books for Product Design students :)

Anyway, it seems that I am going to the right place to meet the right people. Fingers still crossed for the paper acceptance and the funding to go to Beijing!