Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Year~ New Start~

I had a lovely chat with Lauren Tan over dinner last night - a perfect beginning to get me back to work. It was very interesting that we actually started our PhD around the same time on very similar topics - excited! what's more interesting is that we started with very different in research methodology: Lauren with Grounded Theory so she start with data collecting; while I doing Case Study, starting with structure developing... but the results & reflections of our research so far echo each other so wonderfully.

This year I shall be doing the empirical part of my research and begin to writ up - excited again!!! I am really looking forward to having more conversations with design practitioners and other researchers - wish that they are as good as this one! And this might be the last year I work in the Master of Design course as a Teaching Fellow, so... really hope that all the students will do a great job in 2009! Besides, I agreed to help out DHTP with some teaching work so I am looking forward to meeting my group - also wish to use this chance to overcome I fear of 'young people' ;-)

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  1. Qin, it was great to meet you too! Thank you for a wonderful, engaging conversation! You helped more than I think you will ever know...

    Here's to the beginning of a great friendship and continuing design conversations in 2009 and beyond!

    Happy New Year!